Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2015

Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2015

We welcome your participation and support for Nalanda 'Family Fun Fair' to be held on Sunday, 9 August.

We are happy to announce that the popular Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ (FFF) will be held again this year on Sunday, 9 August, from 9am to 5pm.  The ‘Family Fun Fair’ is held in aid of our ‘Education & Development Fund’.  Proceeds from the Fair will be channelled to support educational programmes of Nalanda Free School, Nalanda Institute, Dharma School, Library and Youth Centre.

Nalanda has organised many educational programmes such as Dhamma courses, camps, meditation retreats, public forums, conferences and seminars aimed at developing effective leaders and responsible individuals living wholesome and productive lives.  Our education programmes are also designed to empower individuals to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in the welfare of their communities.  In the past decade, our education mission has served and benefited more than 15,000 adults, youths and children throughout Malaysia.

We invite you, your family members and friends to support this event by:

  • Buying the ‘Family Fun Fair’ coupons at RM10 per booklet;
  • Helping to sell the coupons;
  • Making a donation to the event or directly to the Society;
  • Setting up a stall to sell food, beverages or suitable merchandise;
  • Becoming a volunteer.

Come enjoy a fun and meaningful day with your family and friends while supporting a noble and beneficial cause!  Thank you.