Nalanda JB Team at ‘Family Fun Fair’

Nalanda JB Team at ‘Family Fun Fair’

The Nalanda JB stall getting wonderful support at the 'Family Fun Fair'.

Over the weekend on 23-24 August, 25 volunteers from Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch went to Sri Serdang to support the Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ – the Society’s largest annual fund-raising event.  Funds raised at the Fair go towards the on-going Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Project and to support educational programmes of Nalanda Institute, Dharma School, and Free School.

On Sunday 'Fun Fair' day, we participated in the morning chanting at 6.45am, led by Founder Bro.Tan.

We arrived on the eve of the Fun Fair and ‘camped’ in Sri Serdang.  At night, we helped out at the Centre with so much to do in preparation for the next day!  On Sunday 24 August, we gathered for the morning pūja at 6.45am, and immediately afterwards proceeded to set up our stall.  We sold dried noodles and rice, along with many other sponsored items at our counter, one of 160 stalls opened that day.

Moving in our sponsored items for sale and arranging the stall at the 'market place'.

It was a fantastic day as our JB team members mingled and worked seamlessly with other Nalandians from Serdang and KL, as we share a common culture of community service.  We truly enjoyed every moment of the day, and though tired from all the activities, we remained happy and satisfied with the opportunity to help out at Nalanda’s big event!  Thank you for hosting all of us in Serdang, and well done to all Nalandians for a successful ‘Family Fun Fair’!

The stall was all set up and waiting for the start of 'market day' at 9.00am.