Nalanda Kedah Branch preparing for 2014

Nalanda Kedah Branch preparing for 2014

The Nalanda Kedah Branch Pro-tem Committee meeting in Sungai Petani on 22 December.

In conjunction with Bro. Tan’s visit to Kedah, the Pro-tem Committee of Nalanda Kedah Branch met with him on Sunday, 22 December in Sungai Petani to discuss upcoming programmes for next year. In 2014, the committee agreed that they need to build two things – firstly the Nalanda Northern team (people), and secondly the NEO Centre in Sungai Petani (temple).

Bro. Tan expressed his confidence that both goals can be successfully achieved with the right vision, attitude and approach, guided by the Dhamma.  There was all round confidence and high spirits in undertaking the tasks in the pivotal year ahead.

The Building Committee for NEO Centre SP meeting on 22 December to finalise plans for submission.

Prior to the Pro-tem Committee meeting, a Building Committee meeting was also held to discuss the construction of NEO Centre Sungai Petani in Bandar Mutiara.  Bro. Tan thanked all members of the Building team for their great effort in readying plans for submission.  The new centre is scheduled to open in December 2014, and will be an important catalyst for the growth and development of Buddha-Sasana in the Northern Region.