Nalanda leaders visit Wisdom Park

Nalanda leaders visit Wisdom Park

Nalanda leaders went on a site visit to mark the anniversary of Wisdom Park.

On Sunday 14 October, Nalanda Board of Management and EXCO members visited Wisdom Park in Hulu Selangor to mark its 3rd anniversary.  10 members of the Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) were on hand to welcome the Nalandian leaders.  They were brought on an extensive tour of the construction site which spans 12 acres currently.

The construction site currently covers 12 acres of beautiful undulating landscape.

Platforms for future buildings under Phase 2 and 3 have been formed in advance.

The Board, Nalanda EXCO and WPDC members held a joint meeting and site inspection of “Building 01” – the Guest Lodge, which provided everyone with a rich visualisation of what Wisdom Park will become when it is completed.  The tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding greenery is bound to create an unparalleled environment for the community to pursue Dhamma learning and cultivation.

Bro. Tan welcoming everyone to the site inspection of the Guest Lodge.

While there, everyone participated in the consecration ceremony for the site of “Building 02” – the Administrative Centre.  Construction of “Building 02” is expected to commence in November.  We thank all consultants, benefactors and contractors for turning the Wisdom Park concept into reality with their vision and hard work.  Sadhu anumodana!

Heading towards the grounds of ‘Building 02’ from the site office in the background.

Everyone gathered on the grounds of ‘Building 02’ to consecrate the site with the recitation of parittas.

Dedication of merits to all sentient beings after the consecration ceremony.  Sadhu anumodana!