Nalanda Officers attend BCA Workshop

Nalanda Officers attend BCA Workshop

Participants of the workshop having a group photograph at Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society.

On Saturday 9 November, several senior Nalanda Officers attended a ‘People-Engagement Workshop’ organized by the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA).  The BCA is a loose alliance of 5 Buddhist organisations in the South Klang Valley.  Nalanda President Bro. Lee Kong Foo is currently the rotating Chairman of the alliance.

Advisor to Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society, Mr. Tan Huat Chye, was the facilitator of the workshop.

The BCA Workshop was held at Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society (KMBS) in Puchong.  The Advisor of KMBS Mr. Tan Huat Chye facilitated the one-day workshop., which discussed various means of engaging and retaining people at Buddhist centres.  Ven. Kumara, Ven. Sis. Sumangala, and leaders of Buddhist Societies in the Klang Valley attended the fruitful gathering.  Also there were the Director and Secretary of BCA – Sis. Paruadi and Bro. Richard Lee respectively.

Bro.Tan addressing participants of the BCA workshop on the importance of engaging with the public.

Nalandian Officers who attended the workshop include our Founder Bro. Tan, President Bro. Lee, Institute Director Mr. S. Vijaya, Lecturer Bro. Tan Siang Chye, Pustaka Director Bro. Ananda Fong, KL Branch Chairman and Deputy – Bro. Eugene and Bro. Rudy, JB Branch Chairman and Secretary – Bro. Yap and Sis. Ong, and Nalanda Youth Leader Yeo Disheng.

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