Nalanda officers visit senior citizen home

Nalandian officers with the jovial ‘Uncle Teoh’ – at 101 years old, he is the oldest resident at the home!

On Sunday 30 November, Nalanda’s Deputy President Bro. Lee Teck Beng, Board Member Mrs. Choo, and Director of Nalanda Centre Sis. Nandini visited ‘Rumah Warga Mas Penyayang’ (Translation: “Caring Senior Citizens’ Home”), a newly-opened facility to house senior citizens in Seri Kembangan.

The home is well-equipped with facilities and nursing care from full-time staff and volunteers. The oldest inmate is ‘Uncle Teoh’ who was born in 1913 – making him 101 this year!  The Nalanda Officers’ visit is part of our regular community service programme, bringing food items and requisites for the inmates, and spending time chatting with them.  Sadhu!

The home provides nursing care for inmates who require more physical assistance.