Nalanda SP Branch 9th Members’ Day

Branch Chairman Bro. Khaw briefing members about the latest developments in the Society.

On Saturday 22 November, Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch had our monthly Members’ Day at Gurun Buddhist Association.  Branch Chairman Bro. Khaw Seng Giap and Committee Member Bro. Fong updated members on the proposed building plans for NEO Centre Sungai Petani with beautiful slides.  They briefed members of the procedures ahead – to obtain members’ approval for the plan and thereafter to call tenders.

During the sharing session, Sis. Hoe spoke on the topic of ‘Worldly Wealth vs Spiritual Wealth’.  She shared that gaining worldly wealth should not be the ultimate aim of our lives.  Instead, we should pursue ‘spiritual wealth’.

Following Sis. Hoe’s sharing, Bro. Teoh shared what he read about Master Xuan Zang’s encounters during his journey to India.  He advised that we should try to emulate Master Xuan Zang’s strong determination which had motivated people from generation to generation.  The Members’ Day concluded with fellowship over refreshments.  Sadhu!