Obituary – Prof. Emeritus A. K. Warder

Obituary – Prof. Emeritus A. K. Warder

“Anicca vata sankharā” – all component things are subject to change.

It is with deep respects that we announce the passing of a distinguished scholar in Indology, Prof. Emeritus Anthony Kennedy Warder (A. K. Warder) earlier this month in Canada.  Prof. Warder passed away days before Chinese New Year, and his funeral was held in Toronto on Friday, 15 February 2013.

Prof. Warder was a very learned scholar, best known for his contributions in the fields of Indian Buddhism, Pāli texts, and Sanskrit literature.  He authored the seminal “Introduction to Pāli” (first published by the Pāli Text Society, London, 1963), which helped thousands of Pāli students around the world appreciate and understand further this ancient canonical language.  Indeed, the role played by Pāli scholars in forwarding our understanding of Buddha-vacana is often under-acknowledged to this day.

Nalanda Buddhist Society and Nalanda Institute Malaysia extend our condolences to the family members of the late Professor, and to the faculty, staff and students at the University of Toronto, where he served with distinction for many years.  Our thoughts are with you, as well as with the late Prof. Warder.  Santi – Peace.



The Third Edition of Prof. A. K. Warder’s book, “Introduction to Pāli” (2005), as well as “Indian Buddhism” (2004), are available at Pustaka Nalanda, Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.