NEO Centre KL unscathed by fire next door

NEO Centre KL unscathed by fire next door

Three fire engines with a large contingent of firemen and volunteer fire fighting teams were at the scene.

Photographs by Eugene Yong & Charlie Teng 

At approximately 10.20pm last night (14 April), Nalanda Centre received an emergency call reporting that thick black smoke was billowing from the roof of NEO Centre in Happy Garden. Nalanda officers who had just finished the Uposatha Day Evening Service rushed to the scene 13km away at Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur to investigate.

It turned out that NEO Centre’s immediate neighbour had caught fire, but it was successfully contained by the large contingent of firemen on site.  Within minutes of arriving, firemen in three fire engines put the blaze under control.  One volunteer fire rescue team from Kepong and a few mobile fire units were also on site to assist.

NEO Centre Happy Garden located at Jalan Riang 12, Taman Gembira (on the right) was remarkably unscathed.

The police evacuated people staying in neighbouring lots as a safety precaution.  Fortunately, no one was physically hurt in the incident.  Our two volunteer facilitators at NEO Centre had also left the building an hour before the fire started.

Nalanda officers including the Chairman of Nalanda KL Branch Bro. Eugene Yong, President Lee Kong Foo, and Dharma School Director Sis. Sunanda, went to NEO Centre to check for potential damage.  Amazingly, the NEO Centre was not at all affected by fire, smoke or water, even though it was located just next door to the premise that caught fire!  After a thorough inspection and satisfied that the Centre was absolutely unscathed, Nalanda officers left NEO Centre Happy Garden after performing chanting.

Nalanda officers and the maintenance team conducting a thorough check on the Centre and were satisfied that there was no damage at all.

We would like to thank the fire brigade, police and neighbours for helping to put out the flame and for alerting us of the blaze.  We also thank all Nalanda officers, members and volunteers who rushed to the scene (even in pyjamas!) for your deep concern.  The Centre is remarkably and entirely unharmed!  Today (Tuesday, 15 April), our activities and Free School classes go on as usual!

Relieved Nalanda officers performed chanting at the Centre before leaving after midnight.  The maintenance team gave an “All-Clear” sign.  It is “business as usual” at NEO Centre KL.  Thank you everyone!