Nepal shaken by another strong Earthquake

Let us join hearts and pray for the safety of all in Nepal. May all beings be free from harm and danger.

3 weeks after the devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people, Nepal was again stricken by another powerful 7.3 earthquake today.  The epicenter of the quake was 83 km from Kathmandu, near to Namche Bazar and Mount Everest.  The earthquake was strong enough to be felt in the Indian capital New Delhi and Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

Let us again join hearts in prayer for the safety of Nepali people.  May they be free from harm and danger.  We urge everyone to generate thoughts of compassion and kindness, and in your own ways, dedicate merits and prayers for the well-being of all.  To the people of Nepal – please stay calm and strong – we are with you!