New-moon day marks start of Vesakhā month

New-moon day marks start of Vesakhā month

Today Buddhists around the world welcome the New-moon day of the holy Vesakhā Month. On these Uposatha (observance) days, the laity devote themselves to a day of restraint, meditation and cultivation of mindfulness. Some may observe the Eight Precepts and listen to or read Dhamma teachings attentively.

This observance also means that we are just two weeks away from the most important day in the Buddhist calendar – the Vesakhā Full-moon ‘Buddha Day’, known in Malaysia as ‘Wesak Day’. In preparing for this auspicious celebration, let us honour our Teacher, the Buddha, by recollecting and reflecting on His noble teachings that lead to liberation from suffering.


“Rare it is to gain birth as a human being.

Difficult is the life of mortals.

Hard is the hearing of the Sublime Truth.

Rare is the appearance of the enlightened ones.”

– Dhammapada verse 182, Buddha Vagga.