New Year message from Nalanda

New Year message from Nalanda

Nalanda Johor Bahru members posing New Year greetings to everyone this festive season!

The eve of Lunar New Year and the first day of the year tomorrow are two very important occasions for Chinese people.  After weeks, months, or even a whole year of hard work, everyone reunites to celebrate the ties that bind us as a family.

The authentic way of celebrating Chinese New Year is not with food, fashion, and fun; instead it should be celebrated with gratitude, forgiveness, and unconditional love for relatives and friends.

Nalandians gather for communal chanting in Ipoh on New Year Eve.

Let us not be distracted by entertainment or indulge ourselves in smart-phones, and neglect the fundamental purpose of being together with family members during New Year.  Spend time talking and listening attentively to them, and show your kindness and warmth to everyone.

Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes everyone a wonderful reunion tonight, and a grateful welcoming of the New Year tomorrow!  May you and your loved ones be well and happy always.

Another group of Nalandians gather in Taiping on New Year Eve.