Obituary – Ven. Professor Bellanwila Wimalaratana

Obituary – Ven. Professor Bellanwila Wimalaratana

The late Ven. B. Sri Wimalaratana was the Chancellor of Sri Jayawardena University in Sri Lanka.

It is with deep respect and a heavy heart that we announce the passing away of Venerable Professor Bellanwila Sri Wimalaratana Nayaka Thero on 3 February 2018, aged 77.  Ven. Wimalaratana died of injuries sustained in a fall at Bellanwila Raja Mahavihara, where he was the deputy abbot.

Ven. Wimalaratana Nayaka Thero was a well-known monastic elder and Buddhist scholar in Sri Lanka.  He often represented the Sinhala Mahasangha in Buddhist conferences and meetings throughout the world.  He also authored many seminal publications in English and Sinhalese.

Bellanwila Raja Mahavihara is a beautiful monastery located near Colombo and popular with visitors and devotees alike.

Ven. Wimalaratana obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom in 1980.  Since then, he had been lecturing at Sri Jayawardena University.  In year 2000, his reverence was appointed the Chancellor of the same university in recognition of his deep learning and vast contributions to Buddhist studies.

The abbot of Bellanwila Raja Mahavihara Ven. Dhammaratana (centre) and Ven. Wimalaratana (left) welcoming H.E. the President of Sri Lanka on the latter’s visit to the monastery not long ago.

Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia offers our deep condolence to the abbot of Bellanwila Raja Mahavihara, the Most Venerable Sri Dhammaratana Nayaka Thero, the vihara’s monks, management and devotees, as well as the people of Sri Lanka on the loss of an illustrious scholar-monk.  May the late Venerable Nayaka Thera attain the highest bliss.  Santī, Peace.


Saddho silena sampanno yasobhogasamappito

Yam yam padesam bhajati tattha tatth’eva pujito.

“A person who is endowed with faith and virtue obtains fame and wealth, and to whatever land he goes, he is respected everywhere.” – Dhammapada, verse 303.