Paris – Our hearts pain for you

Solidarity with Paris!

We stand in solidarity with the people of Paris and France in this hour of grief. Stay strong!

On Friday, 13 November, groups of terrorists dastardly launched attacks on multiple locations in Paris, killing more than 127 people and injuring almost 200 others.  We strongly condemn this cowardly murder of innocent victims.  Those terrorists and their groups are beyond inhumane.  No cause, no matter how great they imagine it to be, allows people the right to kill others in revenge and hatred.

Our hearts go out to the victims of this murderous act, their grieving families, the citizens of Paris, and the people of France.  We feel your pain and loss.

However, in this hour of grief, let us not make the great mistake of returning hatred with hatred.  Peace is not secured by destroying our so-called ‘enemies’.  The real ‘enemy’ is hatred itself, fueled by deep ignorance and prejudice.  It takes great courage to accept this truth, and wisdom to understand it.  But so long as we do not understand this, we shall be condemned to suffer the lack of real Peace.

Nalanda Malaysia offers our deepest condolence to the loved ones of those who died in this tragic event.  May the injured victims recover soonest; and may those who fell rest in Peace.