Peace and ‘metta’ in New Year Eve Service

Peace and ‘metta’ in New Year Eve Service

A peaceful way to end the year by radiating loving-kindness to all beings.

In the closing hour of the year 2023, a veil of peace fell upon Nalanda Centre as the congregation came together for a quiet and spiritual count-down to the new 2024 year.  Having just concluded the Dhamma School’s Honours Day celebrations, like-minded friends partook in chanting and ‘metta’ meditation to calm-down the mind at the New Year Eve Service on Sunday 31 December.

Bro. Tan Siang Chye led devotees in a reflection on how we can ourselves create conditions for spiritual growth through doing selfless deeds and being a good friend to others.  He urged us to not let time pass us by, but instead do simple things to make every moment more worthwhile which leads to a purposeful life.

Taking the Three Refuges and Five Precepts, as well as chanting the Karaniya-Metta Sutta.

Bro. Tan Siang Chye related the story of how an attitude of selflessness can enable ourselves and others to thrive.

An hour of peace and quiet to calm-down to the new year.

Devotees also made their spiritual aspirations just as the new year commenced, bearing in mind to put energetic effort to progress towards realising them.  It was indeed a peaceful and joyful way to both part with the old and welcome the new.  May everyone have a meaningful year ahead and may your aspirations also come to fruition.  Sukhihontu.