Reflecting on Lunar New Year celebrations

Reflecting on Lunar New Year celebrations

After a short meditation session to calm the mind, everyone made offerings to the Three Jewels.

Just yesterday, members and devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre for the first Sunday Morning Service of the new lunar year.  Whilst still amid reunions and festivities, everyone reflected on how they had spent this holiday and the qualities which we adopt to make it more meaningful, with the guidance of Sis. Buddhini Tan.

Steeped in the values of gratitude, gatherings during the Lunar New Year are held so that we can pay respect to our elders, show care through our sincere words and actions, as well as remembering and honouring those who have passed.  It is also a time to give blessings to children and youths, encouraging them to do well in their studies and as they start their careers.

Morning chanting, a practice to ground ourselves every day.

Bro. Sui Lun welcoming everyone back after the holidays.

Nalanda youths bringing new year cheer.

Sis. Buddhini led the reflection on what values we can cultivate during the Lunar New Year family gatherings and reunions.

Discussions in smaller groups to share and learn together.

Everyone rejoiced in the heartwarming sharings.

At this time, let us also see of the abundance of blessings surrounding us so that we can spend each moment well and start the new lunar year by being a blessing unto others throughout the year.  May you be well and happy.