Remembering Japan – Anniversary of 11 March Tohoku Disaster

Remembering Japan – Anniversary of 11 March Tohoku Disaster

Let us pause and reflect - on the impermanence of all things, and on the suffering of all beings. Let us also find inspiration in the courage, discipline, compassion, and determination of strong people to surmount all challenges - either in helping others in need, or in helping themselves!

On 11 March 2011, one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history shook Japan to its core. The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and the ensuing tsunami devastated Northeastern Japan – it resulted in the death of 15,881 people, and caused untold damages to properties and livelihood. Horrified Japanese, and the entire shocked world, rallied to support and aid the victims of this great disaster.

The inspiring stories of many victims’ self-sacrifices and courage in helping others, despite their own tragic circumstances, represent humanity at its best. The world was soon galvanized to an outpouring of sympathy and generosity towards the people of Japan.

Two years have passed since that fateful day; but we have not forgotten the many victims who lost their lives, their families, and their hopes. Yet, faith persists even in the darkest hours, that the victims of this tragedy will rise above themselves, and surmount the challenges they face to emerge even stronger as a person and as a community.

Nalandians pay tribute to these courageous people, whom amidst their losses and sufferings, have shown us the meaning of compassion, discipline, and perseverance. May all victims of this tragedy, and their families, find peace. A tribute, and a prayer, from Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia.