Remembering the victims of MH17

Remembering the victims of MH17

We remember the tragic loss of 298 innocent lives on board MH17 over the Ukraine 4 years ago.  May they rest in Peace.

4 years ago today, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 took off from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 12.31pm local time on its return leg to Kuala Lumpur.  3 hours later, the Boeing 777 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, causing the loss of all 298 innocent lives on board.  Sadly, no party was held accountable for the terrorist attack until today.  Justice is still not served.

Bodies of victims, many of them Dutch citizens, arrived at Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.

A convoy of hearses escorted by police outriders being sent for burial in the Netherlands.

The downing of MH17 was another great blow to Malaysia in 2014, having just lost MH370 in March that year.  Let us continue to pray for the victims of the tragedy and their loved ones.  May they be free from suffering.  ‘Santi’, Peace.