‘Rice of Merits’ collection during Gimhāna Retreat

‘Rice of Merits’ collection during Gimhāna Retreat

During the annual Gimhāna Period, Nalanda members and devotees uphold a tradition to dedicate themselves to cultivating the 5 Daily Practices.  The 5 Daily Practices are (1) Morning chanting & making noble aspirations, (2)  Meditation, (3)  Listening to a Dhamma talk / reading a Dhamma book (4)  Performing an act of generosity and kindness (5)  Evening chanting & reflection.

For each of these practices that we perform, we can collect a pinch of rice grains from home and collect them in a “container of merits”.  These can then be offered as symbol of our meritorious deeds, in the rice vessel at Nalanda Centre, or to those in need.  As we make this offering, we can recite :

Idam me puññaṃ āsavakkhayā vahaṃ hotu
May this merit lead to the destruction of all mental impurities.

Idam me puññaṃ nibbānassa paccayo hotu
May this merit lead to the attainment of Nibbāna.

Looking upon the collected rice, we can rejoice in the effort that has been put forth in cultivating our minds in Dhamma.  At the end of the Gimhāna period, these “Rice of Merits” collected at Nalanda Centre will be cooked and offered to Sangha members and the community on Dhamma Day or Dhammacakka Day.

We invite everyone to take part in this wholesome cultivation wherever you are.  For resources related to the 5 Daily Practices, you may visit https://gimhana.nalanda.org.my/.  May you be well and happy.