Second Anniversary of NEO Centre Happy Garden

Second Anniversary of NEO Centre Happy Garden

With utmost gratitude and appreciation from all of us at NEO Centre Happy Garden - "Thank you!"

11 December 2013 marks the second anniversary of Nalanda’s first branch facility – the NEO Centre in Happy Garden.  We would like to thank all volunteers and devotees for your kind support, services, contributions and encouragement given us over the past two years.

Running the Centre has been a great learning experience for Nalanda and Nalandians, and a joyful one, too!  We are most grateful and happy to have organised many meaningful programmes and events there, such as Dhamma classes for children, free tuition under the Nalanda Free School Project, weekly gatherings for adult learners, meditation, Dhamma talks and discussions, Sanghika Dāna, Robes offerings, as well as the monthly Pindacāra (monks going on alms-round) in Happy Garden.

NEO Centre Dharma Class teachers, parents and students meditating together.

Besides, the NEO Centre branch library contains more than 1,000 titles of Buddhist books, periodicals, and reference materials, which are freely accessible to the public.  The Centre has been providing good facilities and beneficial programmes for two years now, and we hope to continue this good record for many more years to come.

We again thank you for your good wishes and generous support, which is a great motivation for us to strive on diligently.  May you and your loved ones be well, happy and peaceful.  Maha sadhu, and anumodana!

Devotees offering alms food to venerable monks on 'Sangha Day' in November 2013.