Second day of teachers’ camp

Second day of teachers’ camp

The camp shifted to higher gear on the second day with more insightful lectures and activities.

After a spirited opening yesterday morning, the inaugural National Camp for Dhamma School teachers shifted into higher gear on this second day, with the main speaker Bro. Tan talking about teachers’ competencies.  The essence of successful Buddhist education, he asserted, lies in having competent teachers who embody and exemplify the Dhamma.

The 150 participants of the camp gelled very quickly as Bro. Tan emphasised that everyone was there as part of a greater ‘clan’ of teachers, and not as representatives of different Dhamma Schools.  The group discussions were truly candid, and teachers felt close to one another as many have shared experiences in serving school communities.

In one of the activities, teachers were asked to illustrate what motivated them to teach Dhamma.

Admiring drawings by camp participants on their initial motivation to teach.

To demonstrate the positive effect and impact of Buddhist education on student development, a special workshop was arranged in the afternoon where 10 students aged 9 to 24 from Nalanda Dhamma School and Youth Centre were invited to share their learning experiences with everyone.  They answered questions from teachers with candour, spontaneity, and maturity, eliciting all-round admiration and praises.

Bro. Aggaphala Yap conducted a few activities to demonstrate ways to build rapport with students and to listen deeply to them.

With every passing hour and activity, teachers at the camp gain deeper insight and higher spirit as the purpose and value of Buddhist education becomes more apparent than ever.

Nalanda students were invited to share their experience about Dhamma School in an open forum.

Bro. Tan with Nalandian students and youths after their forum.