Seeking Wealth and Finding the Balance

Seeking Wealth and Finding the Balance

21 October 2012

Economic stability is essential for a man’s welfare and happiness.  With a stable economic position, one’s basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and medicine can be easily met.  Then, we have a conducive platform for further worldly and spiritual attainment

In the Appaka Sutta, the Buddha said that the “danger” of wealth is such that many of those who acquire lavish wealth become intoxicated and heedless, greedy for sensual pleasure, and mistreat other beings.

During Bro. Tan Huat Chye’s Dhamma sharing, he shared that wealth is to be sought, not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end, for attaining various objectives and fulfilling duties.  In the process of acquiring wealth, he reminded us to constantly reflect on our purpose and intentions.

The Buddhist view is that the ideal man is the man who is wealthy and virtuous – balancing between seeking wealth and a spiritual life.  Hence, a good practising Buddhist should continue to be ambitious in his work and yet not sacrifice his spiritual growth.  If he succeeds in balancing the two, he will have sustainable growth, prosperity and happiness.

Bro. Huat Chye also shared that to balance wealth and spiritual growth, we can follow these steps:

1.       Skillful, efficient, energetic & production of wealth through skilled and earnest endeavour.

2.      Protect income earned through righteous ways. (Arakha-sampada)

3.      Having good, faithful, virtuous and helpful friends. (Kalyana-mitta)

4.      Living within one’s means. (Sama-jivikata)