Site survey of Wisdom Park

Site survey of Wisdom Park

The committee surveying the land in Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Development Committee members surveying the land for Wisdom Park recently.

On Sunday 8 November, members of the Wisdom Park Development Committee visited the site in Kuala Kubu Bharu to view the terrain and surroundings.  Land survey there, which began in late August, was completed in October.  A ‘Master Development Plan’ for Wisdom Park is being drafted by the specially-appointed Development Committee comprising 11 members – 4 professionals, 4 representatives of the Buddhist community, and 3 Nalanda Buddhist Society officers.

Wisdom Park Development Committee

The Wisdom Park Development Committee having its 2nd meeting, also attended by Nalanda President (right), Deputy President (2nd left), and Honorary Secretary (left).

The Development Committee, which was formed in October, met for the second time in early November to outline the action plan ahead.  The committee discussed the general layout of the Park, with special focus on the project’s first phase, targeted to begin in about 2 years.

WP site visit.

Wisdom Park site visit on 8 November 2015.