Statement on the Mahabodhi Temple Bombings

Statement on the Mahabodhi Temple Bombings

Violence is Never the Way

Today, a series of bomb explosions was committed by suspected terrorists at the most sacred site to Buddhists worldwide – the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, India – the seat of Buddha’s Enlightenment 2,600 years ago, injuring a few pilgrims and damaging some structures.

Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia strongly condemns such acts of violence towards any religious site, especially one that is as revered as this.  An attack on the most sacred site of Buddhism, a religion of peace and non-violence, is totally unwarranted and unjustifiable.

We call upon all peace-loving people in the world to voice your disapproval to all acts of terror.  Furthermore, we call upon Buddhists to exercise restraint, forgiveness, and compassion towards the perpetrators of such acts.  Be mindful of our own actions, speech, thoughts and conduct, so that we may act as proponents of real peace, in spite of our own difficulties.

Throughout human history, violence has never resolved any issues.  Attacking another party is merely a cowardly distraction, and never a solution.  Let us strengthen our resolve in acting kindly and respectfully to one another, allowing the human race and spirit to transcend narrow views seen through nationalistic, religious and ethnic prisms.  Live and act according to Dharma, and establish goodwill towards all beings.

We also humbly extend our deep concern for the welfare of injured monks, pilgrims and their families, the welfare of the Sangha and the Management Committee of the Mahabodhi Temple.  May all injured parties receive good medical attention and heal quickly, and may all troubled ones exercise patience, kind understanding, and exemplary discipline.

“Hatred does not cease with hatred; with love alone it ceases.  This is the eternal truth.” 

– The Buddha  Dhammapada, Verse 5.



The Board of Management, Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia

7 July 2013