Successful ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2014

Successful ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2014

The Fair grounds took up a large part of the field and streets around the Sri Serdang enclave.

The Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ was concluded successfully at 5pm on 24 August.  More than 6,000 patrons turned up to enjoy a fun day out with family and friends at Nalanda Centre.  The heavy downpour which came towards the end of the Fair did not dampen the high spirits and strong camaraderie as everyone was happy working selflessly and tirelessly towards a noble cause.

Just in time for tea! A continuous stream of visitors came for the 'Fun Fair' throughout the day.

Some food items were earlier reserved for distribution to welfare homes all over the Klang Valley.  Suitable food and drinks were similarly packed and distributed to the homeless on the streets of Kuala Lumpur on the night of 24 August.

The stalls were doing brisk sales with a large turnout of supportive devotees and neighbours.

We would like to thank all organisers, benefactors, sponsors, stall operators, volunteers, participants and the local community in Seri Kembangan for your encouraging support to enable a wider community to benefit from holistic education.  We owe it to your commitment, dedication, and generous spirit to witness such a fabulous Fair!  Sadhu anumodana.

We owe it to the great support from volunteers, devotees and the local community for the success of Nalanda 'Family Fun Fair' 2014. Thank you!