Teaching Dhamma through drama

Teaching Dhamma through drama

Achariya S. Vijaya conducting the drama and story-telling workshop on the third day of camp.

Dhamma School teachers had a blast of a time with energetic programmes on the third day of their National Camp held in Puchong, Selangor.  Achariya S. Vijaya, Chairman of Nalanda Education Team, conducted a workshop to help teachers understand the power of drama and story-telling.

In the two-hour session, Achariya Vijaya first demonstrated how to dramatise stories effectively, before giving everyone the assignment to come up with a short sketch on 5 different scenarios.  The teachers had only 30 minutes to prepare and rehearse their dramas, but they did amazingly well in illustrating the scenarios with humour and application of Buddhist values.

Participants thoroughly immersed and enjoying themselves in dramatising the scenarios given.

Teachers staged 5 dramas in groups where everyone must be involved in acting or narrating the story.

Besides the ‘dramatic highlight’ of the day, Bro. Tan continued his sharing on “what to teach in Dhamma class”.  Noting that ‘Dhamma’ is extremely broad and wide-ranging, teachers should emphasise ‘essential knowledge’ on three areas – doctrines, histories, and applications.  Overall, it was another fruitful day of learning and close comradeship that bolstered everyone confidence in themselves as competent teachers.  Sadhu!

Organising Chairperson of the camp Sis. Paruadi addressing teachers on the second last day of camp.