Teenagers’ Learning Camp in Johor Bahru

Teenagers’ Learning Camp in Johor Bahru

Group photograph of camp participants on their visit to Santi Forest Monastery, Ulu Tiram.

Report by Lee Hui Yean  |  Photographs by Wong Yee Sheng

The nuance of ‘gratitude’ was perceptible at the recent Nalanda Teenagers’ Learning Camp in Johor Bahru.  Through many activities during the 4-day camp, the value of ‘gratitude’ was evidently ingrained among the 60 young participants.

On a visit to a farm, participants were blessed with hands-on experience to seed and harvest vegetables. It was a setting far different from their daily suburban routine, and a humbling opportunity for everyone to appreciate the time and effort spent by farmers in growing crops.

Participants having a wonderful first-hand experience harvesting vegetables at the farm.


Valuable visit to a vegetable farm to experience seeding, planting, and harvesting.

Our camp participants also went on a heritage tour of temples of different religions to appreciate the wondrous diversity of Malaysia.  The visit to others’ temples induced a sense of admiration and curiosity among participants to learn about the uniqueness of local history and culture.

An informative visit to the Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum.

Amidst these enjoyable experiences, beautiful and wholesome friendships were forged among facilitators, participants, and caring volunteers.  It was indeed a joyful and well-spent holiday for everyone who participated in this marvelous Nalanda camp!  Thank you and Sadhu!

Participants forging strong bonds of friendship and experiencing gratitude throughout the fruitful camp.