Terrorism can never be justified

The city of Nice in Southern France.

We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Nice and France in this hour of test! Humanity should not be defeated by these unjustifiable acts of hatred.

On late Thursday night, a suspected Islamist terrorist rammed a truck into a large gathering in Nice, southern France, killing at least 80 people.  The crowd was enjoying firework display at a beach – it was ‘Bastille Day’, a national holiday in France.

All acts of terrorism can never be justified; they should be roundly condemned.  This was another fanatical attack on the rights of innocent people to live freely and happily.

We express our solidarity with the citizens of Nice and France once again!  Let us stay strong in this difficult hour – and continue to live free from hatred!  Truly, without hate, our spirits are stronger than any cowardly terrorists.  Justice will prevail here and hereafter.