Terrorism is unjust and inhumane

Terrorism is unjust and inhumane

Let us forgive, but not forget, the pain caused by terrorism and its toll on humanity.

‘September 11th’ – otherwise another mundane and beautiful date on the calendar – would forever be remembered with sorrow and disdain for the dastardly acts of terrorists hijacking airplanes, and using them as missiles in their assault on New York’s World Trade Center.  Their immoral act caused the untimely deaths of nearly 3,000 innocent victims, and sent shock waves throughout the world.

Terrorism, for whatever reason or cause, is unjust, and never justifiable.  Terrorism is a crime against humanity.  No beings should ever be subjected to such intimidation and slaughter from ‘terrorists’.

On this anniversary of the “September 11th” incident, let us pause to remember all victims of terrorism throughout history, and wish that they rest in Peace.  Let us also reflect on the root causes of terrorism – anger, hatred, enmity, wrong views, prejudice, and intolerance – and work towards their eradication through education and spiritual cultivation.

Let us also contemplate wisely these words from our scriptures, “Sabbe sattā avera hontu, avyapada hontu, anigha hontu. Sukhi attanam pariharantu.” – May all beings be free from anger, ill-will and enmity.  May all beings live comfortably and peacefully.

Photo credit – the LA Times.