Thank you for a fabulous ‘Fun Fair’

Thank you for a fabulous ‘Fun Fair’

All is fair.

All is fair today – the weather, the people, the prices! By 11am, barely two hours after the official opening of the ‘Family Fun Fair’, 4000 visitors had thronged the lively event held at Nalanda Centre.

The Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2016 was successfully held today in perfect weather.  The breezy day brought out sunny smiles on the faces of many stall operators and visitors to the Fair.  Supporters were already streaming in even before its official opening at 9.00am; and in just two hours, the number of visitors had surpassed 4,000 people.  Stalls were enjoying brisk sales, which kept everyone busy but happy.

When the ‘Fun Fair’ concluded at 4pm, an estimated 10,200 people had visited the event, making it the biggest ever gathering of people in both Nalanda’s and Sri Serdang’s history!

4 PM view of ‘Family Fun Fair’.

By its 4pm closing time, the 2016 ‘Family Fun Fair’ had recorded an unprecedented 10,200 visitors, making this year’s edition the biggest ever.

Brisk sales at most counters.

Due to the large crowds, many stalls enjoyed high traffic and brisk sales. Popular among the visitors are the food counters, with queues forming throughout the day.

Busy serving customers.

Stall operators were kept busy serving customers whole day. Sadhu!

Many stalls enjoyed high traffic and brisk sales.

Due to the large crowds, many stalls enjoyed high traffic and brisk sales.

We are honoured and also humbled by the presence of so many long-term supporters as well as the appearance of new ones.  We are also touched by the fervent backing given by outstation devotees from Singapore, Kelantan, Kedah, Johor, and many other states, who traveled long distances just to participate in this fund-raiser.

Fun Fair was held in an open field.

Held on a soccer field, children who came to the ‘Fun Fair’ could enjoy playing in a wide open space.

Indeed, this overwhelming show of support from the community has energized Nalandians and boosted our spirits to continue serving the cause of Buddhist education.  We thank our fantastic team of selfless organisers, stall operators and 300 volunteers – we couldn’t have done this without you!

The 'Youth Canopy' set up by Nalandian youths.

Occupants of the ‘Youth Canopy’ set up by Nalandian youths include Buddhist societies from several universities.

Thank you all for your trust, faith, encouragement and unstinting contributions.  We are eternally grateful for your immense kindness.  Sadhu anumodana!

Taking turns to thank everyone who contributed to this success.

Sis. Evelyn, Bro. Vincent, Sis. Joanne and Bro. Tan taking turns to thank everyone who contributed to the fabulous success of ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2016.

Thank you, all.