Thank you for a successful Blood Donation Drive

Thank you for a successful Blood Donation Drive

After many hours of work, volunteers and the Mobile Team staff rejoiced together in the opportunity to serve the community.

Yesterday, Sunday 8 May, over 200 donors steadily streamed into Nalanda Centre from as early as 9am, to donate blood in support of the Blood Donation Drive held as part of this year’s Buddha Day Observance.  Earlier still, were volunteers who happily and readily assisted donors throughout the process to maintain a smooth and orderly flow.  The diligent doctors and nurses from the National Blood Bank (Pusat Darah Negara) also worked non-stop to accommodate all potential donors. 

Although it has been two years since we’ve come together as a community in selfless service, the joy and fulfilment continued to grow as many rejoiced at this opportunity.  Nalanda Buddhist Society extends our appreciation to all donors, doctors, nurses and volunteers for their active participation in making the Blood Donation Drive a success.  We are inspired by your kindness and compassion. 

We invite you to join us at Nalanda Centre this weekend, 14 & 15 May, to commemorate Buddha Day spiritually with good friends.  Click on this link to access the full programme listing.  All are welcome!

Many donors had pre-registered and booked a suitable timeslot to donate blood, thereby helping to minimise waiting time for all.

Kalyana mittas rejoiced and were encouraged by each others’ spirit to save lives by donating blood.

Patient and gentle, the nurses checked the hemoglobin levels of donors to ensure it is safe for them to give blood.

Donors patiently waited their turn throughout the whole process, motivated by the intention to help those in need even if they may never meet them.

The Blood Donation Drive Organising Team expressed their gratitude to the doctors and nurses.

Small tokens of appreciation in the form of flowers were personally handed to every one of the doctors and nurses.

We are grateful to the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly and with care.