Thank you for the loving-kindness

Thank you for the loving-kindness

Our gratitude to everyone involved in the course; may you be well, happy and peaceful.

Dear friends, all of us at Nalanda Buddhist Society would like to thank Bro.Tan for his excellent, insightful, and clear explanation of the Karanīya Mettā Sutta over the past 5 nights on “Facebook Live”.  We have the great pleasure of listening to this uplifting discourse of the Buddha presented in such simple and direct manner that every word speaks deeply to us!  Thank you Bro.Tan, for your kindness in sharing it with us.

We would also like to thank the Nalanda educational and technical teams for organising this course and supporting the daily live-telecast.  Despite having to work remotely from home during this lock-down period, everyone contributed fittingly into the beautiful presentations – from the guided meditation session to the chanting and teaching slides.  Sadhu!

We also express our deepest gratitude to our benefactors who have been supporting our educational programmes, so that it has reached nationwide and regionally.

And thanks to all the enthusiastic participants of this course – a lovely on-line gathering of more than 1,400 people every night – for the devotion in learning Dhamma for the past 5 days.  We are truly inspired by your positive spirits and greatly motivated by your on-line comments.  Thank you everyone!


Live-telecasting every evening from the basic makeshift ‘studio’ to the world.

This is the first time ever that Nalanda has broadcast “live” talks.  Therefore, we are still learning the ropes and trying to improve on the presentation.  If there were any mistakes and shortcomings, we sincerely ask for your understanding and forgiveness.  We shall endeavour to present future talks even better.

In this extended lock-down period across much of Asia, let us avail ourselves to learning Dhamma properly, and to cultivate our minds with mindfulness and loving-kindness.  As Bro.Tan rightly said, the value of Dhamma learning is in putting it to practice, just like the benefit of having the right medicine is by consuming it.  Once again, our gratitude to everyone involved in the course; may you be well, happy and peaceful.  Sabbe sattā sukhihontu!