The final sprint for Family Fun Fair

The final sprint for Family Fun Fair

Dhamma School students and facilitators hand-painted each bag, to be sold on Sunday.

With just a few days to the Family Fun Fair, Nalanda Centre has been brimming with Dhamma School students, volunteers and supporters as the finer details of the Family Fun Fair are being finalized.  Volunteer briefings, stall arrangements, community engagement, exhibition booth preparations, and ‘pre-sales’ are well underway as everyone is gearing up to host friends, family and visitors this Sunday 28 July.

Funds raised will be used for the construction of Wisdom Park, an educational facility to train competent Dhamma teachers and leaders, and to expand the operations of Nalanda Institute, Dhamma School, and Free School.  We invite everyone to come forward to support this fund-raising effort.  Let’s help provide holistic education to more people in order to achieve greater well-being, success, and happiness in the world.  Thank you!

Nalandians are rarin’ to go, with just a few days more to fine-tune preparations for the Family Fun Fair.

Many first-time volunteers have stepped forward to be active participants of the Fun Fair.

All divisions of the Society work together and learn from each other to prepare for the Fair.

Volunteers prepare the exhibition for the public to learn more about the Nalanda’s educational activities.