“The Great Discovery”

“The Great Discovery”

13 July & 10 August 2012

Bro. Ananda Fong leading the Dhamma discussion.

Pustaka Nalanda’s Monthly Dhamma Discussions

‘The Great Discovery’ was the topic of the July Dhamma discussion at Nalanda Centre. The serialised monthly discussion is a Pustaka Nalanda programme aimed at bringing the Dhamma to those who want to know more about the Buddha’s teachings. Our presenter Bro. Ananda Fong skilfully guides participants in uncovering the Buddha’s ‘Great Discovery’ – the Four Noble Truths. In the 13 July session, the discussion was on the first three Noble Truths of Dukkha; the cause of Dukkha; and the end of Dukkha. The fourth Noble Truth of the path leading to the cessation of Dukkha was discussed on 10 August under the topic ‘The Path to Happiness’.

The discussions were lively and interactive. Participants were very eager to ask questions and sought answers to deepen their understanding of Dhamma.