“The Present”

Book Review

Book title : The Present :
The Secret to Enjoying Your Work and Life, Now!
Author : Spencer Johnson
ISBN : 9780553817959
Topic : Self-help (Motivation & Self-improvement)
Reviewer : Bro. Yap Heng Yii
Student of Nalanda Dharma School

I always have the perspective that “Now” is the best gift ever, and Spencer Johnson made it more obvious.   For instance, Spencer wrote something about “being in the present, pay attention to what is important now, enjoy the moment” which was reflected on the young boy in his story.  He realized that his work was getting easier bit by bit by just focusing on the task at the moment.

Although this book is about the Present, it does not stop here.  In fact, it shows how The Present does dominates The Past and The Future, which I think is great.  Simple language and interesting stories are the keys to the readability of this book. Overall, the book is great as it provides much insight into how to improve ourselves, and I highly recommend this book to everyone.