The Tragic Mystery of MH370

The Tragic Mystery of MH370

To all casualties and victims of MH370 - may you be at Peace.

Today is exactly 2 months since the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in the early hours of 8 March, while on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.  Despite intensive efforts by a multi-national and multi-disciplinary team of experts, no trace of the missing airplane has been found so far.  The enigma of flight MH370 continues to bewilder the whole world.

We can only imagine the anxiety and anguish experienced by the families of those on board the tragic flight.  For many, 2 months without certainty on the fate of their loved ones must have been truly agonizing.

Let us continue our prayers for the casualties of MH370 and their loved ones.  We wish you much strength, courage, and quietude in facing these wretched times.  Our thoughts have been with you since the beginning of this ordeal, and they shall always remain so.

Santi ’ – Peace.