Thoughts of mettā for Taiwan

A Taiwanese TransAsia Airways' ATR72-600 aircraft similar to the one that crashed on Penghu Island.

Just days after the tragic downing of MH17, another commercial airliner crashed in Taiwan yesterday evening, killing at least 48 people on board.  The ATR-72 turboprop airplane belonging to TransAsia Airways was en route from Kaohsiung to Penghu Island off Taiwan when it crashed in severe weather.  Flight GE 222 was carrying 54 passengers and 4 crew members.

Nalanda Buddhist Society extends our deepest condolences to the loved ones of the casualties on this ill-fated flight.  We also wish that the few survivors of the air-crash receive the best medical treatment, and recover fully from their injuries.  Our thoughts of mettā are with you.

The mangled wreckage of TransAsia Airways flight GE 222 which crashed near Magong Airport while attempting to land in severe weather.