Today is ‘Nalanda Education Day’

Today is ‘Nalanda Education Day’


Message by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama, Chairman of Nalanda Education Team.

The Buddha spent 45 years teaching the Dhamma to His followers.  His emphasis on the training and spiritual education of his disciples has become the example for generations of Buddhists to follow in His footsteps.

When the minds of people are opened by education, they will have the ability to develop wisdom and promote the welfare of their fellow beings.  Only with wisdom can we quell anger, hatred and delusion, which are the causes of much pain and suffering in the world.

Nalanda Buddhist Society is committed to providing holistic Buddhist Education to all levels of society with the firm belief that those who are knowledgeable in the sublime Dhamma will become more compassionate, and will contribute towards the well-being of sentient beings everywhere.

As we celebrate the best of Buddhist Education on Nalanda’s 12th anniversary, we will continue to share and spread the timeless message of Peace, Wisdom and Compassion to all, using the latest development in educational methodology and technology, in our efforts to bring joy and meaning to humanity.

We wish everyone, a happy and reflective “Nalanda Education Day”!