Tribute to a ‘Giver of Life’

Tribute to a ‘Giver of Life’

'Life goes on, even after death'. Thank you Zhi Ting! You have made it possible for others to continue with their normal lives.

On 6 October, six-year old Ooi Zhi Ting was playing with her sisters, aged 15 and 11, in an apartment block’s swimming pool.  The little girl from Penang reportedly suffered a leg cramp and sank to the bottom.  A resident who witnessed the incident pulled Zhi Ting out of the water, and she was rushed to a hospital.  Unfortunately, the little girl passed away later.

Ooi Zhi Ting’s accidental drowning was without a doubt devastating to her family.  But following her tragic passing, her parents made the noble decision to donate little Zhi Ting’s organs to potential recipients.  Six people have received Zhi Ting’s corneas, kidneys, liver and heart valve.

Zhi Ting’s mother remarked that the thought of these six individuals getting another shot in leading normal lives, provided some comfort to her during Zhi Ting’s funeral.  Though Ooi Zhi Ting would not live to celebrate her upcoming 6th birthday on 22 October, she nevertheless ‘lives on’ in the six recipients of her organs.

Let us spare thoughts of ‘mettā’ (loving-kindness) to Zhi Ting, her parents, and family members. May they face this tragedy with calmness and patience.  And may little Zhi Ting rest in Peace.