Uposatha Pūja on 19 October

Youth Leader Bro. Yeo Disheng leading the Uposatha Day Dhamma-sharing on 19 October.

Uposatha Days are occasions for Buddhist monks, nuns, and laity to congregate and immerse ourselves in the Dhamma.  There are four Uposatha Days in a month – on the New-moon (1st day), 8th day, Full-moon (15th day), and 23rd day of the lunar calendar.

At Nalanda Centre, Uposatha Days are observed twice monthly – on the New-moon (1st) and Full-moon (15th) days.  The Uposatha Pūja at Nalanda begins at 8pm, followed by chanting and Dhamma-sharing.  If the Uposatha falls on a Sunday, then the Pūja would begin at 9am instead.

Last Saturday, 19 October, Bro. Choong Li led the congregation in the Uposatha chanting, while Youth Leader Bro. Disheng was given the honour to share the Dhamma.  Uposatha is also observed at NEO Centre Johor Bahru on the same day and time.  We welcome everyone to participate in the next Uposatha Observance which falls on Sunday, 3 November, starting at 9am.  Sadhu anumodana!