Visit by Ven. Vinayarakkhita Thero

Visit by Ven. Vinayarakkhita Thero

Ven. Vinayarakkhita with Bro. Tan and Nalandians on his first visit to Nalanda Centre since 2009.

On Monday 8 June, Nalanda Centre welcomed the visit by Venerable Vinayarakkhita Thero from Hyderabad, India.  Ven. Vinayarakkhita who was on a short trip to Malaysia took time to visit Nalanda and to meet with Founder Bro Tan.

On his third visit to Nalanda, Ven. Vinayarakkhita was pleasantly surprised to see such tremendous growth and a complete transformation of the Centre.  He had visited Sri Serdang back in 2008 and again in 2009, when Nalanda was a much smaller place.

Ven. Vinayarakkhita was brought on a tour of Nalanda Centre by Sis. Chooi and other Nalandians.

In conjunction with Ven. Vinayarakkhita‘s first visit (in 2008), Nalanda Buddhist Society had published a booklet for free-distribution authored by him – “Buddhism – The Science of Spirituality” – which is still popular with many new Buddhists today.

We thank Ven. Vinayarakkhita for visiting Nalanda Centre and we wish his reverence the best in his noble endeavours.

Ven. Vinayarakkhita happily meeting with Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan again after several years.

Bro. Tan presenting some of Nalanda's recent publications to Ven. Vinayarakkhita at the conclusion of his visit to Sri Serdang.