‘War’ & ‘Peace’ begin in the mind

‘War’ & ‘Peace’ begin in the mind

Hiroshima today in Peace.

Excerpt from Bro. H S Tan’s article, “Reflections on 6 August”.

On 6 August 1945, the horrific ‘Atomic bomb’ was first used in warfare and dropped over Hiroshima, Japan.  Today marks the 69th anniversary of that tragic event.  More than 100,000 people were killed by the Hiroshima bomb and the subsequent fires and radiation.  220,000 more were injured, and scarred for life.  The Atomic bomb was until then the most destructive weapon used by man against man.  With its deployment, Hiroshima was completely destroyed; so was humanity on that fateful day.

It seems that man have not learned much from the terrible effects of war.  With fierce conflicts today in Gaza, Syria, Ukraine and Africa, we continue to inflict much pain and suffering upon fellow beings.  Throughout history, victory in war has never brought about lasting peace.  “The victor breeds resentment; the vanquished lives in pain.  One lives ever in Peace, having given up victory or defeat!”

‘War’ and ‘Peace’ begin in the minds of men.  The mind filled with anger, hatred, cruelty, and enmity leads to violence and much suffering.  Conversely the mind freed from such leads to amity.  To stop war and violence, and to achieve peace and amity, human beings need to undertake mental training and cleansing.  Prejudice, intolerance and bigotry must be removed from our minds; instead, understanding, empathy, and goodwill must be planted and firmly rooted.

The superiority of man lies not in his power to subjugate or destroy so-called ‘enemies’.  The real superior man develops strength and patience to live amicably and peaceably.  Let us pray we shall never again see the horror of another nation, race or even individual becoming victim of bigotry, abuse and hatred!  May all men everywhere learn to live in concord.  May we work diligently towards Peace.