Watch our minds as each day unfolds

When we direct our minds skillfully, we experience positive states of mind.

Each day, the rising number of Covid-19 cases and how it has impacted our lives and livelihood flood our newsfeed and daily conversations.  The situation certainly is dire; almost 60 million people worldwide have been infected and over 1.4 million have succumbed to the virus in less than a year.  The circumstances can have an overwhelming impact on our mental health if we are not mindful of our thoughts and react with negativity.
Amidst the uncertainty, how we direct our minds will determine our state of happiness and unhappiness.  We should watch our minds closely to stem excessive thoughts of anxiety as it gives rise to insecurities, worries, negativity and angst.  On the other hand, directing our thoughts to being calm, empathetic and kind allows happiness to follow us around like one’s own shadow.
Take care of our minds and our experience of life can make us better, not bitter. Stay safe, and stay positive!