We wish you a ‘Blessed Chinese New Year’

We wish you a ‘Blessed Chinese New Year’

May all us of celebrate the Lunar New Year meaningfully and spiritually.

Today, Chinese communities around the world welcomes the Lunar New Year which is traditionally commemorated with family reunions and merry gatherings with friends.  This year however, many Malaysians may not be able to hold these merriments or even travel back to their ‘kampungs’ to visit their elders due to the Covid-19 precautions.  Although celebrations this round may be less eventful, they do not need to be any less meaningful.

Our bonds with family and friends are strengthened not by the ability to gather, but by the sincerity of our thoughts, speech and actions.  Together with a positive spirit, we just need to make the best of what we have to maintain a heartfelt celebration.  When we reach out to our loved ones, in person or ‘online’, reflect on their goodness so that gratitude and loving-kindness fills our hearts.  Extend our appreciation and care through giving them our earnest attention, thoughtful words and warm wishes.

In these exceptional times, let us also cultivate our patience and understanding by being mindful to not unnecessarily complain or criticise.  Remember that all things conditioned are impermanent and this tide will turn in time.  Out of compassion for others, let’s make every effort to overcome the pandemic.

May you and your loved ones reunite at heart with gratitude, care and affection for each other this festive season.  We wish you a blessed and spiritual Chinese New Year.