We’re still praying for MH370, 33 days on

We’re still praying for MH370, 33 days on

Our continuing thoughts and prayers for the victims of MH370 and their loved ones.

It has been 33 days since the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in the early hours of 8 March, while on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.  Now the whole world has come to know “MH370”.

Those not having loved ones on board can only imagine the anxiety and anguish experienced by the families of MH370 casualties. For some, a month without certainty on the fate of their loved ones has been truly agonizing.  Some are at the brink of physical and mental exhaustion.  It is also under such circumstances that we might feel stronger need for spiritual cultivation and strength.

Intensive search for MH370 by an international task force continues relentlessly.

Meanwhile, intensive search by determined multinational parties has touched many people around the world. Braving difficult conditions and the lack of concrete information, they have nonetheless been relentless in their pursuit of MH370’s whereabouts and fate. We salute their unremitting efforts in the quest to provide answers, and closure, to the families of casualties.

Today, search efforts off Western Australia have borne some positive fruits – more ‘pings’ were heard from undersea, confirmed by experts to have likely come from the airplane’s “black box”. We remain hopeful that the B777 wreckage will soon be discovered, and what happened in its crucial final hours would then be revealed.

Let us continue to pray for the casualties of MH370, and their loved ones.

In the meantime, 33 days after the tragedy, we are continuing our prayers for the victims of MH370 and their loved ones.  We wish you much strength, courage, and peace in facing these wretched days and weeks. Our thoughts continue to be with you at all times.  Santi – Peace.