Wesak Buddha Day Observance

Wesak Buddha Day Observance

The theme for this year’s Wesak is “Being a Good Practitioner and Friend”. We welcome everyone to join us at Nalanda centres on this meaningful and spiritual day.

‘Buddha Day’ falls on the full-moon day of Wesak (Pāli, ‘Vesakhā’) month. In the Theravāda tradition, it commemorates the three important occasions in the life of the Buddha – his birth, Enlightenment, and passing away.

At Nalanda Centres in Serdang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, we have arranged meaningful and spiritual programmes over 3 days – from 11 to 13 May – to mark this most important day for Buddhists.

There will be Dhamma talks by Bro. H S Tan, Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama, and Mr. Charlie Chia. Sanghika Dāna and Pindacāra (alms-round) will also be held daily. Also scheduled are blood-donation campaign (on Sunday, 11 May) and the ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.

The highlight of Wesak Observance is the “Dhamma Appreciation Night” on 13 May. It includes the truly inspiring ‘Wesak Heritage Procession’, Mass Food Offering, and ‘Dhamma-through-Drama’ performance by Dharma School students.

The theme for this year’s Wesak is “Being a Good Practitioner and Friend”. The aim of learning Dhamma is to practise and live in accordance to it, hence being a ‘good practitioner’. When one is well-practised, one encourages, guides, and supports others in their practice as well, thus being a ‘good friend’. This proper understanding and focused approach is much needed in today’s community.

We cordially invite everyone to join us at Nalanda Centres to observe this sacred day meaningfully and spiritually. Do bring along your families and friends, and rejoice together as a happy community! Come experience a different ‘Buddha Day’ at Nalanda. “Svagatam”, all are welcome!