Wesak greetings from Wisdom Park

Wesak greetings from Wisdom Park

'Buddha Day' greetings from Wisdom Park Development Committee.

The Wisdom Park Development Committee wishes all Buddhists a joyous ‘Buddha Day’ 2560.

Wesak full-moon is the most important day of the year in the Buddhist calendar as it celebrates the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment 26 centuries ago. Hence, it is also known as ‘Buddha Day’ – the special occasion to honour the ‘Enlightened One’.

Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ also marks the beginning of a new year – this year being 2560 of the Buddhist Era (styled B.E. 2560).  Our theme for this year’s celebration is “A Life of Wisdom”.  Indeed, wisdom is the prerequisite for the attainment of insight into reality, and achieving liberation from all suffering.

The Wisdom Park Development Committee would like to convey our best wishes to all Buddhists worldwide on this sacred occasion.  We also take this opportunity to thank all donors, benefactors, and volunteers who have worked tirelessly for the last 10 months to establish ‘Wisdom Park’.  With the blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, may this community education hub be smoothly and successfully developed.

Namo Buddhaya!