Buddha Day Heritage Procession – 24 May, 7pm

The Buddha Day Heritage Procession at Nalanda is a unique cultural and spiritual experience that attracts more than 1,000 participants yearly.  It is the only Heritage Procession in Malaysia where the Buddharupam is conveyed on a wooden sedan to the harmonious beat of drums and gongs, accompanied by beautifully hand-crafted paraphernalia carried by traditionally-dressed devotees holding candle-lights.

The legacy of processions dates back to the time of Emperor Asoka of the Mauryan Dynasty in the 3rd Century BCE.  He initiated the custom of parading through villages in customary attire, and conveying Buddhist icons on a carriage, pausing intermittently for devotees to come closer and learn more about the Buddha’s teachings.

All are welcome to participate in this iconic Heritage Procession on Wesak full-moon Buddha Day, 24 May, at 7pm, at the Nalanda Centre in Taman Sri Serdang.  Bring along your family and friends to experience the serenity and joy of Wesak at Nalanda!