Wesak Message from Nalanda Buddhist Society

Wesak Message from Nalanda Buddhist Society

Namo Buddhaya!  Namo Dhammaya!  Namo Sanghaya!

On Wesak full-moon day, millions of Buddhists all over the world gather to pay tribute to the Three Jewels.  As we commemorate the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of the Buddha, we reflect on His teachings with great respect and gratitude.  We renew our determination to learn and practise the Dhamma, with courage and with compassion.

Here at Nalanda, we also honour the Buddha by energetically propagating His teachings of compassion and peace. We spread the Dhamma through our various educational and community programmes.  Reaching out to the community, we give selflessly and serve with humility and care.

The theme for our Wesak Observance at Nalanda is “Being Well begins with Me!”  As Nalandians, we strive to attain balance and happiness in our lives, as well as help others achieve greater joy and success in their lives, by realising the Six Well-beings:

  1. Physical well-being and good health
  2. Mental well-being and joyful living
  3. Family well-being and domestic bliss
  4. Economic well-being and career success
  5. Interpersonal well-being and social harmony
  6. Spiritual well-being and inner peace

Being well means achieving balanced physical, mental and spiritual health. Besides eating well, having regular exercise and resting adequately, it is also important to learn how our mind works and finding the key to unlock ourselves from stress and worry!  A relaxed, peaceful and serene mind helps us see the positive side of things, and in this way, also lead to more harmonious relationships with those around us.  Let us reach beyond ourselves and cultivate loving-kindness, peace, unity and a generous spirit, as taught by the Buddha.

On behalf of the Board of Management, I cordially invite everyone to participate in our Wesak Programme over 4 days from 23 – 26 May.  Do bring along your family members, neighbours and friends.  Let us experience and share the joy of Wesak with all around us.

May all beings be well and happy always.  Happy Wesak B.E. 2557!


Lee Kong Foo

President, Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia