Special features of ‘Wisdom Park'

‘Wisdom Park’ will be set amidst spacious grounds with lush greenery and simple architecture that is aesthetically pleasing and spiritually calming.  Its facilities will be used for various aspects of personal and community development.  There are eleven connected zones in ‘Wisdom Park’ for learning, meditating, wellness, communal activities, family well-being, and monastic residence.  Among the unique features at ‘Wisdom Park’ are :

  1. A ‘National Leadership Training Centre’ for Buddhist youths to develop dynamic and competent future community leaders.
  2. A well-equipped ‘Buddhist Reference Library’ to support all levels of Buddhist studies.
  3. A ‘National Museum of Buddhism’ to showcase Buddhist presence and influence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.
  4. A ‘Wellness Centre’ to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.
  5. A ‘Mindfulness Centre’ to promote the practice of mindfulness, awareness and meditation.